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Posted by 1bnKalbatin - February 8th, 2017

I'll be doing something, idk what tho, stay tuned if you want.

Posted by 1bnKalbatin - May 25th, 2016

My Original Album won't be out before August, sorry fellas

And The VGM album project has expanded somewhat

I'll be posting a cover of "Before My Body Is Dry" on June 3rd (unless something comes up) so yeah

*Something Came Up*

I'll post the instrumental

Posted by 1bnKalbatin - February 3rd, 2016

Here's the deal. Fuck plans, I'm bad at sticking to them, so here's a slightly simpler one which I should be able to stick to. Vive l'hypocrisie, amirite?

-Album of VGM Covers

-Album of original music.

Done that's it. 

Don't  e x p e c t  anything from me for a long time  e x c e p t  those two things.



Posted by 1bnKalbatin - October 16th, 2015

So umm, getting good at mixing and stuff is hard, and I'm not really prepared to take the results of like 6 months work, and let it down by recording it and the finished product sound like shit, just because I'm not very good at mixing and mastering etc.

To remedy this problem, I'm gonna do an EP or 2 before the album so I can practice getting good at that kind of thing. I predict that the album of 12 songs will be a thing for next year. The first (maybe only) EP I'll be doing will be out December, and it'll contain original music because I amn't a sell-out who just does covers just to get views: I don't make any money from this anyway, so I'm not a reeaal sell out and there's no point to it.

So, uhhh, eat well and go to sleep at a decent time.

Posted by 1bnKalbatin - October 12th, 2015

I've finished writing an album, so the next thing to do, naturally, is to record it. BIATCH. Of the things that are uploaded onto NG atm it sounds most like my Green Hills Zone Cover, which is good, because that seems to be my most popular tune on here :D So if you want to hear something like my Green Hills Zone Cover, but without any of the stuff that sounds like Green Hills Zone, you should probably stay tuned or whatever, because I'll be uploading that in x months time!

Posted by 1bnKalbatin - September 14th, 2015


I haven't actually made a news post properly explaining what I've been doing and what I've already done. So I'm going to make such a post right now.

I've been writing music since I was 13, so about 6 years now; ever since I got my first electric guitar. The earliest recording on here is Exordium, which was first written in 2010, and for years I considered it my best song. At the time I recorded using the microphone built into my laptop, no bass, no drums. I recorded three albums (50 or so songs) this way from 2010 to 2011. At around 2012 my Dad bought an Apple Mac as our new desktop computer, which allowed me to use GarageBand with my Dad's Audio interface. One of the first things I recorded with a bass guitar (my Dad's, again) and drums was Exordium: the first track of the first album I wrote and recorded on my laptop.

Though I continued writing songs, I didn't record much until 2013, when I recorded a 37-minute long 5 part song, and the first 3 songs for the album I went on to write later that yeah. I then recorded Major Tension in September 2013, and decided to upload it and another song (Patience) to my YouTube account so I could listen to them away from the desktop computer. As a rule, the older my song is on Newgrounds or SoundCloud, the older it actually is. The last song I recorded on GarageBand was Achewflemerflafla, which was uploaded on about the 30th of August 2014; Satyr and Mitigator 11 are both older than Achewflemerflafla.

For the past 4-5 months I've been writing an album which I currently have only one song left to write for it. When the album is done I'll upload it here all in one go, perhaps with a single uploaded a bit before the whole thing, to give people a chance to hear the style of the album, and to stall for time if I need to work on it a bit more. I'm no longer recording with GarageBand or any of my Dad's hardware and software, since I'll be going to university shortly, instead I use my own stuff (and my own bass guitar).

In order to keep me recording and mixing so I don't become bad at that sort of stuff, I've been recording some video game music covers; which will keep me posting content while I try to get my album finished, and see what my stuff is capable off. I have a list of pieces of music that I plan to upload weekly, and I'm already two weeks ahead of schedule. There may be a large interval between uploads, if that happens either: 1) I'm working hard at university, or 2) I'm in the process of recording the album. In either case be patient, content is on its way.

I really don't think I have much more to say about this. Thank you for reading this far if you actually did :D For now I'll be trying to upload something once a week, have a good day! Xxx

Posted by 1bnKalbatin - September 6th, 2015

I think I'll do covers more often from now on, they don't take as much time since I don't have to compose anything myself, and people are probably more likely to enjoy covers, since they'll, at the very least, be familiar.

These covers will mostly be video game music covers, or classical music that I rerecord as metal songs (if that even works): please feel free to suggest some!

Posted by 1bnKalbatin - August 19th, 2015

Hi, I just joined Newgrounds today! I make mainly music.

I'm not sure what else to say, eh, I haven't yet submitted all of my music here yet, but eventually I'll put it all up. In the meantime, my music is all on SoundCloud. I'm not sure if it's an ok thing to say that: but that won't matter soon since all the music will EVENTUALLY be submitted here, I'm just not really familiar with how this all works.

Rate, comment, give me tips, whatever, I just hope you like what I've done.

*22nd of August*

All my music is up now.